Sunday, February 1, 2015

Collet Necklaces in Ralph Lauren's Spring 2015 Runway Show

I recently had a customer purchase one of my harlequin collet necklaces, and she wrote me a note to tell me that she was inspired to purchase because of the jewelry in the newest Ralph Lauren ad preceding Downton Abbey.  I'll admit that I hadn't seen the ad as I tend to watch my Downton Abbey online and not on PBS, but I definitely wanted to see what his jewelry was like.  I performed a little Google-fu and boy was I surprised by what I found.  Ralph Lauren has fully embraced the collet necklace!

Just look at these jewels from Ralph Lauren's Spring 2015 runway show: 

Layered Necklaces

Harlequin Necklaces

A million, billion jewels!

Nothing subtle about these, is there?  I’ve always loved the harlequin collets, mostly because I have such a tough time deciding which color I like best, and I think Ralph Lauren has styled these models beautifully.  I especially love the big, bright jewels with the more understated outfits, but honestly I just love all of these looks!

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